воскресенье, 2 февраля 2014 г.

You're worth it!

Famous perfume is being advertised on this picture. These perfume is called Chanel №5. Advertisers invite celebrities(for example Brad Pitt)  or simple a beautiful womеn. Some celebrities also admit to being paid to say nice thing about this brand in interviews. 

Maybe this brand has its slogan, which is used in advertisements "You worth it!" 

In Russia there are many different stereotypes in advertising. The woman in the Russian advertising used as the housewife, wifes, mothers. Example of behavior: "I live, as all". Men in the Russian advertising are presented less. And most often on the screen are embodiment of strength. For example, the athlete who in a good physical form, in advertising shows power.
Андрей Аршавин в рекламу Nike