вторник, 19 ноября 2013 г.

My media use

To get information about my interests, I always check out online sports news for example  www.sportbox.ru. On this website you will be able to find any information on each type of sport. When I want to find out the latest news, I read the newspapers like Arguments and Facts. Newspapers are the most reliable information source. To chill out, I watch comedy programmes. My favorite programmes are Comedy battle and HB. Whenever I want to express my own opinions, I post comments on the Twitter. The Twitter service is the leader in the field of short messages. It is very convenient and practical. When I am doing research for school work, I use www.wikipedia.org. Wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia around the world. To catch up with my friends' news and give my own, I use Vkontakte. Off course, the social network Vkontakte has full authority to be considered the most widespread in Russia.