четверг, 16 января 2014 г.


1.I think that advertising plays a great role in our lives. Because advertising is one of the sources of information about the product, it's really is an effective way for people to learn about certain products.
2.I think that it is impossible to get away from advertising because it always surrounds us. Nowadays advertising can be found everywhere: in newspapers, in magazines, on billboard, on posters, on a radio and TV, in the Internet, simply everywhere.
3.I agree that advertising affects everyone because almost all people decide to buy or not a product after seeing advertisements. They make up their mind about this product.
4.I would spend my money on advertising because it is an effective and quick way to entice the purchasers.
5.Most of all I prefer to watch a short and clever advertising, which shows us the positive and negative features of our product.
6.The ones that annoy me most are pop-ups and short adverts on YouTube channel. These advertisements stop me from getting the necessary information.
7.I usually buy the first product because I have not a lot of time to go to other shops.
8.I never read product reviews. I love to learn about the product in the store.
9.I never check out the prices online because in store prices vary greatly and differ from the prices on the website.