вторник, 11 марта 2014 г.

World health

1)On the graph, we can see that Russia has a 
high level life expectancy. The biggest part of it is in 80 and more years and 20000-40000 income per person.
2)I think the biggest difference in the health inequalities are between rich and poor countries. As for our country, we have a high level of development of medicine.
3)In my country, a lot of different diseases. But the most important problem is alcoholism. To prevent this disease, our government should strengthen the control of alcohol sales.
4)Maybe, spend more money on the development of medicine. Such as create new programs for the development of medicine, to allocate money for the construction of new hospitals Etc.
5)People are have to start caring about their health. They should lead a healthy lifestyle.
I respect doctors who volunteered to help the poor and unfortunate people. This is really cool. This proves that on our planet there are still good people. A low bow to such people!